HTC Planning To Sue Apple Over LTE Patents, Which Are Probably Valid

Apple is currently trying to invalidate two of HTC’s patents, patents HTC is planning to use against Apple soon. The patents are related to data transfer over LTE, meaning HTC would be suing Apple over the use of 4G LTE technology in their devices. This includes the new iPad and maybe the new iPhone about to be announced on the 12th.

If HTC wins this trial, this could mean an import ban on all Apple LTE products. A ban on the new iPhone as it launches would be absolutely devastating for Apple, so HTC really has some good leverage in this situation. It could be used to work out current legal problems between them. They could also win some money for lost royalties, considering the iPad with LTE has been selling for a while.

This should turn out interesting. Samsung was planning to sue over LTE too. This could be a turnaround for these lawsuits and Apple winning so (unbelievably) often. Hopefully things turning the other way will result in more calmness.

Business Week

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