HTC Talks About Future, Climbing Up To The Top

HTC used to enjoy the Android crown. They were #1, and they knew it. It all started with the G1. Before, almost no one knew who HTC was. When Google decided to reveal Android to the world, HTC embraced it, a big risk that paid off tremendously. They made the best Android phones, including the Nexus One. Unfortunately, they went wrong from there. They started experimenting, making too many phones, diluting their lineup, and ended up with a mess of a company that expanded too fast and didn’t make sure they could sustain what they had. Now they are not a leader, just a competitor. Samsung took the crown, but HTC plans to get back to the top.

Their first real attempt was the One series of phones. They made the right decision in trying to unify their lineup, and while they didn’t do a great job, it was a start. There were still phones like the EVO 4G LTE, DROID Incredible 4G LTE, and the lack of One series phones on all carriers. Still, it was better than what they had before, and it was a respectable effort.

None of this is saying they make bad phones, their phones are great and universally well reviewed. They just don’t have the strategy that draws in customers. For example, Samsung has their flagship Galaxy S III on every carrier without any changes, and that business model works best for brand appreciation. Same thing goes for Apple.

HTC knows this, and they plan to fix it. They plan to use social media to regain that popularity with people they had, focusing on their products features and advantages. Also, they plan on creating relationships with celebrities and “superfans” for more authentic advertising. Another plan is to go into the Windows Phone 8 market really strong, and we know WP8 needs it.

HTC is definitely heading in the right direction. Their phones are becoming more unified, their software is definitely heading in the right direction, and they seem to have the right attitude. After such a history of achievements (first Android phone, first Nexus phone, first WiMax phone, first Verizon LTE phone), it would be a shame to see a great company fail. We believe in you, HTC.


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