HTC Teases New Device, But We’re Unsure If It’s Even Android

This photo was posted on the HTC Facebook page, teasing a new phone for tomorrow’s event. The image doesn’t seem to be an accurate one, as neither Windows Phone nor Android have a clock that looks anything like that. However, it’s a lot closer to Windows Phone. For example, here is a random photo of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango in landscape:

As you can see, the clock looks very similar, and the status bar is wide. So this is either inaccurate, or teasing a Windows Phone device. Also, the 10:08 could be (and this is a long shot, but hear me out) referencing 1080p. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, at the HTC event. Hopefully they’ll unveil the One X+ and the 5″ phablet there, too.


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