HTC Thunderbolt to Finally Receive Ice Cream Sandwich in LiquidSmooth ROM Form

While the HTC Thunderbolt may have been lost in the shuffle for an official ICS update, LiquidSmooth and XDA have teamed up to bring the Android device a milestone update.  Their conjoined effort is promising to fix bugs and bring the long anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich to an “old” smartphone.

According to a post by an XDA member, the collaborative team had this to say:

Version 1.5 MR2
  • PropModder, a new convient way to edit your build.prop!
  • Native Overclocking/Undervolting Performance Utility
  • Center clockmod/customizable color text options
  • Customizable round battery icons with percents
  • Native Kernel Gamma/Color Controls
  • Tmobile Theme Engine Integrated
  • Uniform ICS Theme Throughout
  • Lots of Liquid awesome sauce!!!
  • And Lots More Liquid goodies…
================================================== ================================================== ====
It is with great pleasure that we are here to announce the arrival of Liquid – Ice Cream Sandwhich (Mecha) v1.5 MR2. MR2 is without a doubt a Milestone release for us. It brings to the table unmatched customization & user- control, while providing excellent battery life, rock strength stability, & speed only a LiquidSmooth ROM can deliver. It truly marks a step towards the goal of our project *to bring slim & flawless firmware to the Thunderbolt & to get the utmost out of your “phone!” A very big thank you to our beta testers & IRC channel community members / Liquid Smooth family, as well as all of you here at XDA! The entire Team is stoked about this release & we are certain that you’ll love it!

Also, if you guys have a concern that we cannot address here in the XDA thread, or you’d like to contribute a great new idea for improving our project, we welcome you to join us @ IRC.FREENODE.NET; #LIQUIDS

For more information or to download the update, visit the XDA forum.


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