Jelly Bean Leak For T-Mo Galaxy S III Ported To Verizon S III

Considering that the US Galaxy S III models have a different chipset from the international models, the leaks of Jelly Bean could not be ported. However, this changed when the T-Mobile Galaxy S III received a leak. This leak was then ported to the Verizon Galaxy S III, a phone with a completely different radio and a locked bootloader.

Everything seems to be working, including 4G LTE. It’s a big achievement, and quite a surprise too. Developers have done wonderful things with the locked down Verizon Galaxy S III, and through all the challenges, managed to make it just as open as the other models. Flashing the build is quite easy, assuming you’ve already unlocked your bootloader. Do this at your own risk, of course, as it could be dangerous and will void your warranty. For instructions, hit the source link!

XDA-Developers | Droid-Life

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