Kobo Challenges The Big Boys With Its Own 7″ Tablet

Remember those times you went to Best Buy, walking around aimlessly, not looking for anything but just content to walk through a sea of technology? Ever walked past the e-reader section? Of course you see Amazon Kindles, and some Barnes and Noble Nooks. Maybe you’ll see a Sony Reader (which are really nice by the way!). But one will probably never catch your attention: the Kobo. They aren’t exactly big, but they’re aiming high this time.

Not only will they be releasing a few new e-readers, including a glowing and a touch model, but they’ve now made a 7″ Android tablet to compete with the Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and Nook Tablet. And compete it does. It will be $200 for the 8GB version and $250 for the 16GB version, a very competitive price. However, it has one thing over both the Kindle and the Nook: Play Store access. Yes, it will just run Android Ice Cream Sandwich with the Play Store bundled, instead of running a completely modified version of Android with a proprietary market.

We don’t have much info on specs, that should come soon. But we do know it’ll have a 1.3MP camera for video chatting, a mic, and 10 hours of continuous video playback with two weeks of standby. Hey, as long as it has a 1280×800 display and wifi, I’m sold! What do you guys think of this new tablet? Would you trust a name like Kobo? Tell us in the comments!


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