Leaked Samsung TouchWiz Jelly Bean ROM ported to Verizon Galaxy SIII

Verizon customers have become accustomed to extremely delayed releases of updates for their phones. Even the mighty Samsung Galaxy Nexus has suffered from this issue despite it’s brethren having updates months in advance. Well Galaxy SIII owners on the Big Red have been concerned about how long it would take for Jelly Bean to arrive to their devices.

Well thanks in no part to the XDA community, a leak of Samsung’s TouchWiz-enabled Jelly Bean build from the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 has been ported over to the Verizon variation of Samsung’s flagship. While this is no doubt not a complete version, it is close. It does have a couple of bugs, but nothing too severe. For instance, according to the XDA post the GPS directions are not functional. DroidDog is not sure if that references the turn-by-turn navigation or just listed directions. Additional issues have been experienced pertaining to a force close problem when trying to set the home screen’s wallpaper using the long press method, however, setting wallpapers from the gallery works without a hitch so it isn’t a definitive issue. The name of the ROM is interestingly enough titled TouchMyBeans. No matter how inappropriate that may sound the leak is definitely worth a check. Follow the source link below if you’re interested in flashing this newest ROM.


XDA via Phandroid

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