LG Optimus G Promotional Video Makes Bold Claims – Promises World Best Camera

LG has been hyping up their lastest superphone, the upcoming LG Optimus G, in hopes of grabbing attention and headlines away from rivals Samsung, HTC, and Apple. Most recently, LG has released a promotional video which makes bold claims about the Optimus G’s camera performance. According to the Korean company, the new device will be coming with a promised 13MP rear shooter – although in some markets, this will be reduced to 8MP. More importantly LG claims this new phone will come with a world best, cutting edge, image quality for smartphones. The ultra slim camera module was developed in house by LG Innotek, and has one of the largest pixel counts on a smartphone to date. Although the mega pixel count is high, it accounts for nothing if the sensor tech and image quality ends up being poor.


The video places a big emphasis on the new camera technology associated to the Optimus G, continually using the terms “state of the art” and making mention of it being unpredected in phones before. LG also makes mention of how the overall design of the phone was never compromised for the sake of having this top of the line camera rather forcing the innovation on how mobile cameras are built instead. Lastly, features such as the time machine camera, smart shutter and voice activated shooting are also mentioned.

Rumors have speculated that the Optimus G could actually end up being a Nexus device as well and it certainly looks like it could. The phone is shaping up to be a juggernaut in the Android sector, and more news is revealed, excitement is slowly rising. Stay tuned to DroidDog as we continue to keep you updated on LG’s flagship device.

LG – YouTube Channel via Android Central

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