LG smacks Samsung with an OLED lawsuit – Claims 5 Galaxy devices infringe on patents

Earlier today, LG Display filed a suit in Seoul District Court against Samsung on alleged infringing patents that it holds on OLED panel design. According to Yonhap, LG accuses Samsung of having 5 Galaxy devices that utilize 7 LG tech patents on their displays, including one related to the former company’s “Narrow Bezel” technology.

The devices being called into question include:

  • Galaxy S III
  • Galaxy S II
  • Galaxy S II HD
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxt Tab 7.7

LG is currently seeking 7 billion won (approximately $6.26 million U.S.) in damages — one billion won for each infringed patent. In a statement, LG Display were quoted “This lawsuit has been filed both to enforce LG Display’s intellectual property rights and promote fair competition. Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display must stop using the patents without permission”. Interestingly enough, this litigation comes just mere weeks after Samsung filed a similar claim against LG stealing Samsung’s OLED technology. To add insult to injury, 6 LG employees were charged with theft in July over the incident.

It’s not uncommon to see lawsuits brought against rival companies but it’s definitely odd to see 2 companies so close to each other like this legally attack each other. However, based on Samsung’s recent accusations against LG, it only makes sense for LG to defend itself and take the fight now to Samsung. However even if Samsung was to lose this case, the meager $6.26 million pales in comparison to Samsung’s $1.05 billion loss to Apple earlier this year.

Yonhap via The Verge

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