Market Survey – 50% of Verizon Activations Are For Android Devices, 48% Of Market Activations Are Android

The latest survey by ComScore, reveals Android is the leading mobile platform, in the nation (something that has been widely accepted and known). While not a surprise, Google’s Android OS continues to cement itself as a viable alternative to Apple’s iPhone. Google has to be happy with Android’s performance as their OS has 52.2% market penetration in the US, while iOS sits in second with 33.4% of the market. The other 15% is held by feature brands, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

However, what do these numbers look like when broken down by carrier? Well the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, or CIRP, have conducted a study in which they polled consumers on their phone activations during the period of June to August 2012. This survey was done to determine how each OS performs on the U.S. networks.

 The results revealed that Verizon is by far the biggest supporter and top-seller of Android devices with around 50% of their activations being Android related. On the other hand, AT&T reveals their highest selling device is certainly Apple’s iPhone with it’s iOS system. The other networks have much smaller numbers but all show Android as the leading OS in their phone activitations. Overall for all carriers 48% of the market share belongs to Android, 28% is claimed by iOS, 17% is consumed by basic (feature) phones, 4% Blackberry, and lastly 1% Windows Phone.

When you look at these numbers clearly there are no surprises. Android dominates on Verizon as the company has consistently supported and pushed its Android lineup. Look at Motorola’s DROID line, that started with 2009′s original DROID, for no further proof. AT&T, on the other hand, was the iPhone’s original network when they began selling it 5 years ago hence why it remains their main selling device. Although, these 2 carriers now offer both Android and iOS devices, it is only a matter of time before Android becomes the leading OS in sales/activations on AT&T as well. On Sprint and T-Mobile Android handsets are the top activated devices as well. Although the study did find that on Sprint, iPhone activations are indeed catching up on Android. All of these numbers will no doubt be greatly influenced by the upcoming release of Apple’s iPhone 5 model.

Many of the carriers are trying to limit Apple’s influence by diversifying their portfolios and offering their customers something in Android that is a solid competing product to Apple’s flagship. With it’s large range of devices, spanning different budgets, a solid OS, multiple OEM support, Android is becoming king across the board on all carriers.

CIRP – Consumer Intelligence Research Partners via Android Headlines

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