“Most Stable” Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM Leaks For The Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung may have said that a Jelly Bean update is coming in short order, but that doesn’t stop the world of firmware leaking from getting their hands on the latest release. Rumors had pinpointed to an August 29th debut of Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III, unfortunately with that date come there is still good news as the newest unofficial Jelly Bean ROM is out for the taking.

According to the folks at SamMobile, I9300XXDLI4 is the most “stable” Jelly Bean ROM leak yet, which could mean that the ROM is in the last stages of development and very close to release. They further speculate that final ROM may be just a minor version number bump or just contain small changes to this build. Word is that this newly leaked ROM is “very much near perfect” from previous test builds, so it should be good for a daily driver.

The ROM has a build date of September 7th, so it’s definitely as new as we could hope for. Some noticeable changes include improved Wi-Fi reception, fast battery charging, RAM optimizations, fixed brightness issues and more.

As usual, the standard disclaimers of install at your own risk as this is pre-release software apply. Hit the SamMobile link below for the download and installation instructions.


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