Motorola RAZR i Benchmarked, Intel Medfield Tested

The Motorola RAZR i contains the new Intel Medfield processor, clocked at a whopping 2GHz. We know it’s some impressive tech, but how does it stack up against the competition? Well the RAZR i was pitted against the Snapdragon S4 wielding RAZR M and a ZTE Grand X IN with a 1.6GHz Medfield Z2460. Here are the results:

The Intel processor is definitely behind the Snapdragon S4 in benchmarks. There might be a few reasons for that. First, this is a pre-release software build running on the RAZR i. Second, benchmarks might not be optimized for Intel processors, or even tailored to test ARM processors’ strengths. Or, the Intel processor just might be slower, we don’t know.

However, the Intel processor did really well with SunSpider. Intel has been focusing on SunSpider performance, and it shows. That’s something to give the Intel processors then. So tell us, are you impressed by these scores? Would you prefer an Intel Medfield or a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4?


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