Motorola’s $100 Credit Eligibility Page Live, Get Money For Non-Updated 2011 Moto Phone

At Motorola’s event yesterday, they said that most of their phones released in 2011 and after would be getting the Jelly Bean update. Of course, not all. Some phones will be stuck on an older version of Android (Gingerbread!). However, if you own one of these devices, Motorola announced that they’d give you $100 in credit if you buy one of their new Motorola phones. This is of course assuming that you buy another Motorola phone.

It’s a good thing to do, but it really isn’t good enough. They don’t have much of an excuse for not updating these phones. The DROID 3 is significantly more powerful than the Nexus S, yet isn’t getting updated past Gingerbread (the Nexus S is officially running Jelly Bean). It’s ridiculous that these devices are released and don’t even get ONE major update, let alone the two that are often expected.

The page for signing up for information is now live. You give some info, and say what device you have, and you’ll be sent updates on the situation. Go here to sign up. And tell us, if you have one of these non-updated phones, are you going to buy Motorola again?

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