Motorola’s XT890 Makes A Stop At the FCC – Will This Be Next Week’s 2GHz Intel Phone?

Rumors have been floating around for a bit now pertaining to a Motorola and Intel inspired device arriving soon. More recently, Motorola announced a slew of new devices in its DROID RAZR lineup devoid of any Intel news. Speculation however suggest that at Motorola’s event in London on September 18 (Update: Intel’s Vice President and GM for Mobile Computing Mike Bell has confirmed Intel will make a significant announcement), the company is going to be announcing a RAZR M variant with an Intel chip inside. Again this is just speculation however we will wait and see if there is any truth to this.

Interestingly enough, Engadget has stumbled upon a great find. A Motorola phone with the model XT890 has just gone through the FCC and brings with it information pertaining to an Intel collaboration. The phone is shown by the FCC to be packing a 2Ghz Intel Chip and radios that support both 2G and 3G on AT&T with no word on LTE.

Please note however that the FCC doesn’t require manufacturers to declare non-US bands and it is hard to image AT&T or any other carrier releasing a phone in the States with no LTE capability. The screen resolution listed is qHD with soft buttons much like the Droid RAZR M. No mention is made of NFC however Dual-band WiFi does appear on the documentation.

Word is mum on whether or not this will be an upgraded version of the DROID RAZR M, but with a 2Ghz processor in a phone that is surely a great selling point. It is something that many have wanted to see and surely could be a major bullet point for both companies. It’ll certainly be interesting to see just what Motorola and Intel have put together since they announced their partnership way back in January at CES. Stay tuned to DroidDog as we continue to investigate and keep you updated on any new information that becomes available.


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