New Galaxy Note II Leaked Screen Shots Hint At AT&T Arrival

While our friends at TmoNews have shown the world that a T-Mobile-bound Galaxy Note II exists, the folks at Brief Mobile are showing off the model headed for AT&T store shelves. Indicating that the AT&T model is “virtually identical” to its international counterpart, the SGH-I317 is currently undergoing device testing, though no word if that’s in Samsung or AT&T labs.

The leaked screenshots show some nice benchmark scores along with some other, already confirmed intel on the device. As expected, the AT&T Galaxy Note II will launch with Android 4.1.1, have a 720 x 1280 HD display, run the quad-core Exynos 4412 processor and score 5912 on Quadrant. AnTuTu also showed some muscle from the AT&T Galaxy Note II, putting up a score of 13551, which scores it higher than the Galaxy S III.

Unfortunately, no date was provided as to when the Note II will hit AT&T store shelves, but seeing as how Samsung wouldn’t nail down any US launch dates at the unveiling, we’re sure they are still in discussion with carriers for the when and where.

The Brief Mobile source also indicates Bell Canada, Sprint and T-Mobile variants are also in testing, the latter two which we’ve already seen confirmed elsewhere. This is all good news for all but the folks on Verizon, who may have to be content with the LG Intuition — unless something changes and a Verizon model suddenly appears.

Check out the full screen shot collection at the link below.

Brief Mobile via Android Police

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