New Kindle Fire Models Will Display Ads On Lockscreen And Homescreen, No Opt Out

Here is a little detail Amazon didn’t mention and hid in a bunch of other text. There will be ads on all Kindle Fire models. Remember how older models had an ad supported version that was cheaper than the normal version? That system is no more. These ads are mandatory on all Fires, and there is no opt out. You are forced to endure these ads. They will be shown on the lockscreen and the corners of the homescreen, allegedly not interfering with the use of the device.

I think this is an acceptable move for general consumers, because they won’t care. However, for enthusiasts, it’s a dangerous move. There should be some way to opt out. Also, the sneaky way they included this info is ridiculous. I’m sure a lot of people just didn’t see it and pre-ordered it anyway. I hope this information gets out, so people aren’t disappointed.

What do you think? Do you care about ads? Or would you rather pay a little more for no ads? Considering the Nexus 7 has no ads, this is a bit ridiculous. Chime in down below.

Android Central

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