Nokia Lumia 920 vs One X & Galaxy S III Video Comparison, Wish Your Device Was This Stable?

Our friends over at Engadget recently put together some videos demonstrating the Nokia Lumia 920′s sophisticated suspension mechanism for their camera module which can compensate for up to 500 movements per second.  In these videos, this innovative new phone camera is pitted against some of our favorite Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X.  I know we’re comparing these Android devices to a Windows Phone 8 device that isn’t supposed to be released until November 2, but what do you think of the comparison?  I’m generally not running around video taping things, but I could definitely see this come in handy taking video while chasing my kids doing something ridiculous.  Is this a feature you’d like to see on some upcoming Android devices?  Even at the cost of some device thickness?  Or would you rather have your money spent in other places?  Let us know your thoughts…


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