O2 UK Getting “Bond Phone” Xperia T, AT&T Might Too

O2 UK will have an exclusive “Bond Phone,” a Skyfall branded Sony Xperia T. Other networks will get the Xperia T, but they won’t be Bond Phones. But what does the Bond Phone entail? Nothing but extra content. It’ll have 007 ringtones, themes, screensaves, and images with geo-tagging to specific locations in the film. It’s an interesting way to sell a phone, but of course a nice coat of paint would have been cool too.

On the same O2 page with the Bond Phone, there is this photo: an Xperia T with an AT&T logo. We wonder if it’ll also be branded as a Bond Phone, and it seems likely. But it’s good to know that AT&T is getting this phone at all.

O2 | Android Central

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