Poll: What Does The New iPhone Mean For You?

Tomorrow’s a big day for the tech industry, as Apple is expected to unveil its newest version of the iPhone. This affects everyone, not just Apple fans. As much as some of us hate to admit it, Apple tends to set a certain bar, and Android manufacturers have to do everything in their power to stop it. Now, before I get attacked on this, take a look at the iPhone 4. It featured a Retina display, featured an amazing camera, in a super thin package. Within months, every Android manufacturer had something to compete with the device. It’s not that Apple is any better, they just tend to spark competition.

The last time Apple made a phone, it was only a spec refresh. However, software like Siri caused both Samsung and Google to create competing programs. This time around it’s expected to be a full hardware revamp, so we could see a crazy new design. Nothing is set in stone as of now, but we’ll know by tomorrow. A rumored feature of the next iPhone if NFC capability, which could lead to standardization of it across all platforms. This would be good for Android, as systems like ISIS and Google Wallet may gain more use if Apple has a competing product.

Nothing is for certain as to what we’ll see tomorrow, but we’d like to know. What does the next iPhone mean for you? If it’s an amazing phone, would you consider making the jump? Do rumored features make you excited for a push in new Android technology? Or do you hate Apple, and just want to see them fail? Let us know in the poll below!

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