Poll: What’s your ideal screen size for a smartphone?

It’s and age-old question, but an important one at that. Screen size plays an enormous role in the decision making process of nearly every smartphone buyer, but what exactly is the ideal size for a handset’s display?

Personally, I love smaller screens. Sure, most come with their downsides, like lower resolution and compromised viewing angles, but they hold a place in my heart. A 4-inch 720p screen would be ideal for me, but I know I’m part of a limited group. And, with phones like the One X, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II opting for larger screens, it seems like the market is against me. For that reason alone, I still rock a Nexus One, Nexus S and occasionally a Motorola Atrix (when I can stand to look at its rather unpleasant display).

I own an HTC One X, but since I purchased the Nexus 7, I’ve found myself leaving it at home more and more often. I just can’t see the need for a smartphone with a screen over 4.3-inches if I’m carrying around a slightly larger tablet. The gap is minimal in my eyes, but some could argue that even at 4.5 – 5-inches, the gap is large enough to choose a bigger device.

Either way, we’d love to hear your own opinions in the comments below.

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