Qualcomm Pits 2010 Snapdragon Chip Against New Intel Mobile Processor

Intel’s new mobile Atom chip is hopeful that it can take on the world, and by the world we mean the likes of Snapdragon and Qualcomm. So, to help demonstrate just how “powerful” the new Intel chip is, Qualcomm decided to pit the chip against it’s very own Snapdragon processor — from 2010. Qualcomm appears to be using an Xperia Arc against what appears to be the Intel-powered Orange San Diego, released earlier this summer.

Given that the video is produced by Qualcomm, we’re taking it with a grain of salt knowing that Qualcomm is showing off those areas where their own chip really shines. Still, it’s an interesting demonstration to see just how far Intel needs to go to play catch-up to the Exynos and Snapdragon’s of the world.

Perhaps Intel will make their own video in response, and that should be fun to watch.

Qualcomm YouTube via Android Central

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