Rumor: Google, ASUS Planning To Launch New $99 Nexus Tablet?

When we start to write a story knowing the source is DigiTimes, we’re always skeptical on how much credence to actually give the story. DigiTimes is well-known in the industry, but their track record for “industry sources” and “leaked information” is very much, a hit or miss scenario. So take this with a grain of salt as a new report “cites industry sources” that claim Google and ASUS are planning two new Nexus tablets.

The first will be a thinner version of the $199 Nexus 7, with the second being a brand new $99 model. Both tablets are said to use displays from HannStar display, according to the report.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that a $99 price for tablets would be wonderful, and if Google can hit that mark with a tablet that doesn’t feel like it came off a Walgreens store shelf, we’d be thrilled. For the moment however, I’d take this with a grain of salt and hope that it’s a possibility, but I wouldn’t put all of our eggs in this basket just yet.

BGR via DigiTimes

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