Samsung And HTC Already Taking Legal Action Against Apple With New iPhone 5 LTE

Right as Apple announces its new iPhone 5 (complete with LTE, and may I just say, finally!), HTC and Samsung have both announced that they will be taking immediate legal action against Apple. Both HTC and Samsung own patents for LTE, and since the new iPhone has LTE, they will be suing and hoping for a preliminary injunction.

While both have announced legal action, HTC is already on the ball. HTC has already presented their case to a US International Trade Commission Judge, so things are already on their way. Their patents have not been deemed invalid, and it seems that they won’t be anytime soon. We have yet to hear about the validity of Samsung’s patents though.

We’ll just have to wait and see how things go. Apple may very well be facing a preliminary injunction, and I’m sure HTC and Samsung will use this to their advantage, like stopping future litigations. This might just end it all. But it’ll definitely be interesting to see the iPhone banned (even if I don’t want it to be).

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