Samsung Boasts – 20 Million Galaxy S3 Devices Sold In The First 100 Days

Crazy to believe – but it’s only been 100 days since the official international debut of the Samsung Galaxy S3. To commemorate the occasion, Samsung has released data pertaining to the phone’s performance. In its official blog post, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S3 has reached 20 million handsets sold worldwide. According to the manufacturer, the S3 reached this milestone around three times faster than the Galaxy S2, which can no doubt be attributed to a streamlined U.S. launch and an aggressive marketing campaign. On the other hand the S2, a major seller for the Korean manufacturer, took approximately ten months to reach the same 20 million milestone.

Over the past week, information continues to reveal extremely strong sales for Samsung’s flagship device. It originally took Samsung 50 days to sell its first 10 million Galaxy S3 phones, and this news only further cements that the Galaxy S3 continues to enjoy strong sales. Samsung has stated they’re selling at a rate of around 200,000 phones per day.

With the final quarter of the year quickly approaching, and an impeding iPhone 5 launch around the corner, it will be interesting to see how the Galaxy S3 continues to perform. No doubt the phone will emerge as the best-selling Android device this year but perhaps could lose steam to Apple’s new device or even Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung Press Release (Translation via Google)

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