Samsung Epic 4G Touch Gets New ICS Leak, Missing Pinch To Zoom

A lot of devices had local search removed in updates to prevent lawsuits by Apple, but (in my opinion) this wasn’t a big usability issue and could easily be worked around. Now we may have a more serious problem on our hands.

The newest ICS leak for the Epic 4G Touch (it’s been getting tons of new leaks) has all pinch to zoom functionality removed. The browser and Google Maps now sport plus/minus buttons for zoom. This is the result of the Apple vs Samsung trial, where one of the patents Samsung infringed on was a pinch to zoom patent.

This is actually a serious loss, as those buttons are inaccurate and slow. Pinch to zoom was natural and easy to use, and the loss of it will affect functionality significantly. Is this the future we face, Android phones being stripped of functionality? It’s too bad. Hopefully Samsung will figure something out to restore some easier functionality, because those buttons are unbearable.


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