Samsung Hosting Press Event on October 11 – Will The Hinted At Samsung Galaxy Music Be Present?

Samsung has been quite busy lately. Whether it’s meeting with Google on dealing with Apple, or developing software fixes to apparent hacks, the Korean company has no problem staying relevant in the news. Well looks like that will continue with Samsung apparently sending out invitations to a press conference it will be hosting in Frankfurt next month. According to the invitations, the event is scheduled for October 11 and will take place at one of the company’s newly-opened retail stores. While little is known as to what this event could be for, preliminary evidence gathered gives some clues that hint at something new.

On the invitation, the text states: “Ready for a little sensation? Be there when something small makes a big impact.” Despite Samsung’s ever increasing desire to make their devices BIGGER, this is a break from the company’s norm. So that could potentially eliminate a tablet and perhaps a major flagship handset as the company prefers to keep their big guns larger anyway. Secondly, Samsung already has 2 flagship phones in the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note 2 – so it wouldn’t make sense to release another high end handset.

Rumors have suggested that a music-oriented device called the Samsung Galaxy Music may be unveiled at the event – an Android device with a 3-inch screen, 850MHz processor, 3MP camera, and built-in stereo speakers. This speculation is backed up by the fact that a device by that name was present on the list of Samsung smartphones bound to get Jelly Bean, just a few days ago. Admittedly, the Galaxy Music seemed to be related to a portable media player but according to a source, the device is a phone. No prizes for guessing that the Galaxy Music phone will be targeted at music enthusiasts.

What are your thoughts as to what this device could be? What would you like Samsung to announce? Stay tuned to DroidDog for continued coverage of this mysterious device.

Sammy HUB via Android Authority

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