Samsung Mobile Head J.K. Shin: Galaxy Note 2 Will Sell 3 Times Faster Than The Original

Earlier today, in Seoul, Samsung held a press conference to welcome the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in South Korea. No stranger to making bold statements, Samsung’s Mobile Head J.K. Shin made a few predictions for how well the company’s new flagship device will sell over the next few months. According to Bloomberg, following Apple’s record debut weekend of 5 million units sold for the new iPhone 5 , Samsung expects the new Galaxy Note 2 to sell three times as many units as the original Note in the first three months.

Although obviously a response to Apple’s success, Shin’s predictions are certainly not too far fetched. In the U.S. alone, the new Galaxy Note 2 will feature one major advantage its predecessor lacked - simultaneous release in November among all U.S. carriers. As you may recall, in December 2011, shortly after the introduction of the original Note in September at IFA 2011, Samsung announced it shipped 1 million units. However, at that time, the device had not hit the United States. By the end of February it had moved 2 million Galaxy Notes, and as of August of this year it hit the 10 million mark, reaching its earlier projections for 2012.  For the Galaxy Note II, Samsung expects to reach over 260 carriers in 128 markets. What makes this an even more incredible feat is that you have to consider the Galaxy SIII achieving over 20 million units sold and now the Galaxy Note 2 seems poised to as well. This ultimately means Samsung is once again setting itself up to be the market leader by far.

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