Samsung Mobile Head JK Shin Meeting With Google Today To Discuss How To Fend Off Apple

Just yesterday, Google launched their Nexus 7 tablet in Japan further expanding the device’s international presence. With Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt in the Asian market, Samsung Executives have gone ahead and scheduled a sitdown with the former Google CEO today in an effort to come up with a coherent strategy for the Android patent wars with Apple.

Samsung Mobile’s head, JK Shin, unveiled the Galaxy Note II in Korea yesterday, and said he is meeting with Google’s Eric Schmidt to discuss a joint strategy for patent defense against Apple. Shin has hinted that he is interested in giving Samsung any edge it can have against Apple’s flagship device.

“I will meet Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on Thursday in Seoul,” said Shin. Failing to elaborate on what exactly the two will be coming up with, Shin appears confident that this will be a beneficial discussion for both companies. Schmidt, is currently in Korea to also introduce the Nexus 7 to that market.
Pertaining to Samsung’s expectations for the Galaxy Note II launch, Shin said Samsung has actually upped its smartphones sales projections for the year now. According to Shin:
Samsung revised up this year’s total handset sales target to 400 million from our earlier projection of 370 million. I have no doubt that the Note 2 will hit the jackpot. We don’t have any problems to sell over 3 million Note 2s during the first three months after the device was launched…

In the United States, the Galaxy Note was only introduced via AT&T. But the Note 2 will be released by all major U.S. [and European] carriers.
More consumers in Europe and the United States are acknowledging the Galaxy Note’s S-Pen functionality. We’ve been receiving very constructive responses from consumers in existing developed markets.
Stay tuned to DroidDog for continued news on this meeting between the 2 tech giants and any fruits that may develop from their discussion.

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