Samsung Mobile Head Reveals Samsung Has High Expectations – 30 million Galaxy S3 Sales For 2012, 20 million Target for Note 2 in 2013

With an impending announcement later today of the new iPhone 5, Samsung Mobile head JK Shin is attempting to take some of the limelight away from Apple by making some news of his own. In his latest comments to Korean news agency, Yonhap, Shin indicated that he expects the company’s flagship Galaxy S3 phone, which current has reached the 20 million units sold, to hit the 30 million mark before the year’s end. Such a figure would be unprecedented for any single Samsung smartphone — even the popular Galaxy S2 topped out at 20 million earlier this year.

Shin went on to tell Yonhap that the recently announced Galaxy Note 2 is expected to perform on a similar level. Shin stated Samsung believes the Note 2 will move twice as a many units at its predecessor. This estimation however is a long term goal, rather than a target for the next three and a half months. The original Note has sold over 10 million units worldwide so it appears Samsung’s new expectations for the Note 2 is for 20 million units.

News has been rampant regarding Samsung phones reaching sale milestones recently. There is no doubt that these numbers could become a reality as devices are flying off store shelves. The reality is the Galaxy S3 as well as the Note 2 have also enticed new customers to purchase a Samsung device who previously owned rival products by Apple and HTC. Nevertheless, Samsung has its hands full as it’ll face stronger competition than ever over the next quarter, especially with the new iPhone arriving in less than 4 hours time.

Yonhap News via Android Central

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