Samsung Now Producing 2GB LPDDR3 RAM And 128GB Flash Storage Chips

Technology is evolving fast, and Samsung is making more and more impressive hardware. Their newest product is a single 2GB LPDDR3 DRAM chip, which they claim is the first of its kind. Unlike the old LPDDR2 chips with 1,066 Mbps speed, this new one has a speed of 1,600 Mbps, with 12.8GB/s of bandwidth. Pretty insane.

Along with that comes production of 128GB flash storage chips. This is an area where technology seems to have plateaued, considering all phones come with 16GB right now and that’s been the standard for many years. If 128GB chips are being made, hopefully the minimum for future phones will be raised to 32GB! If Samsung could stuff in a 32GB storage chip and 2GB of LPDDR3 into their next flagship, I’d be a happy camper.


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