Samsung Offering Flip Cover Bundles For Holiday Season 2012 – 4 Cases For $100

Last night at Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular event in New York, Samsung was present to display their flagship devices, the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note II, as well place a focus on their myriad of accessories. Samsung stated that just in time for the holidays, it will begin offering its signature Flip Cases in a variety of colors for the two devices, including Light and Cobalt Blues, Pink, Mint, Lime Greene, Orange and Yellow, Titanium Gray, in addition to the standard Pebble Blue and Marble White vairations. Samsung also stated that it will begin offering bundled packages of these cases for those who want to swap out and accessorize at will. These bundles will include four cases and will cost $100. This may seem like a decent deal considering one case retails for $39.99, however most reviews of the accessory already state that this price point it already too high. Never the less, that’s a hefty savings of $59.96. If you have friends with a Galaxy SIII or Galaxy Note II, you could even pickup a bundle for Christmas gifts. These bundles are expected to hit the market sometime this Fall.

What are your thoughts? Are these cases worth the money? Are you excited about the color variations? How many of you own these flip cover accessories?

Android Central

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