Samsung Releases New Ad, Teases iPhone Diehards

Here we go, another “Next Big Thing” ad from Samsung. It’s a 90 second commercial depicting people waiting in line for a new product (they never said it’s the iPhone! Except it’s obvious…), talking about its new features. Then people come by with Galaxy S III’s and the people waiting in line are surprised by the features of both Android and Samsung’s own offerings.

Let’s get this straight. It’s not making fun of people who prefer Apple products. It’s making fun of those who wait in line and go crazy over anything Apple releases. They’re making fun of the unreasonable, near-religious fanboys. And in my book, that’s ok. Both sides have those people, and those people tarnish the name of a good product. So if you’re a fan of Apple, don’t be insulted by this video.

Other than that, they just state a few facts on how the S III is superior. It’s an ad, what did you expect? Can’t say it’s a great ad, but it makes valid points. Are you in agreement with this ad? Tell us in the comments! Or are you already insulted and feel your pride melting away, and the only way to stop it is to leave hateful comments towards everyone else? If so, don’t tell us in the comments!


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