Samsung Testing Mystery Device With Exynos Cortex-A15?

Earlier, we posted a story by the Korea Times that Samsung was soon planning to unveil a new Galaxy S IV, a successor to their current flagship. Almost immediately, Samsung shot that rumor down. But this little piece of proof shows that there is some credibility to the rumor.

It’s a mysterious benchmark for a device called the Samsung TE4. While the name means little to us, the processor is what’s important. It’s a dual core Cortex-A15 processor at 1.7 GHz paired with a Mali-T604 GPU, better known as the Exynos 5. It’s Samsung’s next generation processor, and trust us, the Mali-T604 is an absolute monster. Just like the Mali-400 for its time, the T604 will blow everything else away.

If this is a prototype of the next device in the Galaxy S series, we have good reason to be excited. That processor will be amazing, and paired with the right hardware, can really end up being the best phone out there. We remain hopeful.

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