Samsung Tries To Unban Galaxy Tab 10.1, Judge Koh Denies Them

Judge Koh is back. Back in black…. robes. After her ruling on what Samsung devices infringed on Apple’s patents, after the Galaxy Tab 10.1 surprisingly came out unscathed, it’d be logical for Samsung to ask for a removal of the ban on the device. I mean, if it was found not to infringe, why is it banned?

Well Judge Koh denied Samsung’s motion. However, it’s luckily not one of her antics, but a purely logical move. She told Samsung that the injunction cannot be dissolved because the sales ban is being reviewed by the Court of Appeals. However, she seemed to agree that the injunction is unfair given the verdict of the last case. So Samsung definitely has a chance to unban it later. For now, no lost sales anyway. The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 has replaced the original long ago.


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