Samsung’s “S Cloud” Service Shows Up In IFA Galaxy Note II Hands-On Video

Samsung’s anticipated Dropbox competitor “S Cloud” was widely expected to drop at the Galaxy S III launch back in May, but failed to materialize. Now, thanks to the German site BestBoyZ, S Cloud has been spotted running on a Galaxy Note II, discovered inside the settings menu in their hands on video.

With options for syncing photos, video and more, the service also apparently connects with Dropbox as well, providing a healthy way to store all of those photos and videos. The current rumor has Samsung pushing back the launch of S Cloud while it searches for a commercial cloud storage partner, and it remains unclear what the service will offer beyond the already uber-popular Dropbox service included on the device.

Samsung has promised “deep integration” for upcoming products like the Galaxy Camera, so it’s likely they are more than committed to the successful launch of S Cloud. All we need to do now is wait and see for the when and where Samsung will make an announcement.

The Verge via BestBoyZ

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