Sony Not Competing With Tablet Pricing, Going For High End

Sony’s new Xperia Tablet S won’t be very competitively priced. It’ll be $399 for the 16GB version, which isn’t such a great price for a standard tablet with last years 1280×800 display. However, Sony isn’t aiming to compete with price. They want to be top dog.

Kunimasa Suzuki, an executive VP at Sony, had an interview with Reuters today. He said “we aren’t considering competing on price in tablets.” They’re going for the high end market to beat out Samsung. It’s priced and specced similarly to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. However, the Tab is quite a bit older. These specs don’t really stand up in todays market, especially when ASUS’ offering is more bang for the buck with the Transformer Pad 300, or just much better specs with the Transformer Pad Infinity.

We’re not sure how Sony plans to compete with the big boys when its tablet isn’t impressively specced OR priced, but we wish them luck. The Xperia Tablet S is by no means a bad tablet, but it just doesn’t quite cut it.

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