Sprint Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Update Official, Verizon Still Silent

Sprint has posted all the documentation for the Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update on their support page, confirming that the update was released today. The version is JRO03R, bringing the phone up to software version 4.1.1, just like the unlocked Galaxy Nexus.

While it’s not 100% acceptable that a Nexus device has such delayed updates, it’s better than nothing. Better than Verizon’s nothing. They still haven’t said a word about the Jelly Bean update for their Galaxy Nexus.

It is rumored that Sprint’s Nexus S 4G will also be getting the Jelly Bean update today or soon, but that has not yet been confirmed. For now, you Gnex owners should check for updates in Settings. Tell us if you get the update!

Sprint | Android Police

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