SquareTrade Puts The iPhone 5 Against The Galaxy S III In A “Household Trauma” Test, Who Will Win?

Setting aside our smartphone OS allegiances for the moment, durability tests are an inevitable part of high-profile launches these days and our friends at SquareTrade pitted the Galaxy S III against the iPhone 5. Who will win?

Of course, we should say that this test isn’t exactly scientific and if it were performed again, the odds might be against the iPhone as the Galaxy S III manages to fall or get hit in the worst possible spots each time. Is this a matter of chance, or a look at which company has the better manufacturing process? It could be both, it could be neither, but it’s still fun.

The latest SquareTrade face-off video is here, and we pitted the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. the iPhone 5. The theme was Household Trauma. We tested the phones when they were dropped in the driveway, went for a swim in the pool and when various household items were dropped on them. The result? Well, see for yourself!

SquareTrade via Phandroid

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