T-Mobile HTC One S Gets Update To Sense 4.1

This is a good day for T-Mobile HTC One S owners. They’re getting an update, and it’s a big one. It doesn’t change the Android version significantly (from Android 4.0.3 to 4.0.4, still Ice Cream Sandwich), but it does change the version of HTC’s skin, up to Sense 4.1. Not only will it have a ton of bugfixes (and WiFi and Bluetooth fixes, if you’ve been experiencing bugs with those connectivity options), but Sense 4.1 introduces a few new features.

First one is quick settings in the notification shade. While not as elegant as the toggles Samsung uses (and the ones found in custom ROMs like CyanogenMod and AOKP), they’re still useful and work well. This update will also probably give you the option to remap the multitasking key to a menu button, so you don’t have a giant black bar in every legacy app taking up a massive amount of precious space on a not-so-roomy 960×540 display.

The update is 150MB, so you should probably get on WiFi for this one. You’ll also need to be unrooted and have over 50% battery. Tell us how it goes in the comments! Excited to finally get rid of that black menu bar?

Update: One of our users has received the update and confirmed that you can remap the multitasking button, which is fantastic. However, quick settings are missing, they may not be in this update. Thank you popartist!

Android Central

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