The iPhone 5 Launches Today, How Does It Stack Up?

Hard as we might try on the Android side, the iPhone 5 launch can’t be ignored, and thanks to our friends at WireFly, we’re getting a look at how it compares to some of the more recent Android phone launches. Sure, we might have added or dropped a phone or two from this list, but with the EVO 4G LTE, Galaxy S III and RAZR M on here, we’re pretty confident we’ve got a fairly accurate representation of Android’s best.

The iPhone 5 wins on weight and internal storage without requiring a microSD slot and that’s about all the victories it can claim. I guess the real question is, do I even need to ask the Android faithful how the iPhone 5 stacks up, or can I just predict the answer? We all know pound for pound, feature for feature, the iPhone is lacking in plenty of areas and don’t even get us started on the Maps fiasco making waves on the interwebs.

In fact, I think I’ll write the folks at Wirefly now and tell them to add in a new category, “Maps Functionality.” There will be five “Yes” answers and one “Kinda sorta” answer. Just saying.


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