Tired Of Switching Kernels Between TouchWiz And AOSP ROMs On The Note? Universal Kernel Now Available

The International Galaxy Note N7000 needs a different kernel for TouchWiz and AOSP ROMs. Meaning if you’re going to switch between the two, you’ll need to keep around two different versions of your favorite kernel (if the developer supports two different versions). Not a big inconvenience, but it could be easier.

Now it is. The developer g.lewarne has somehow created HydraCore Universal Kernel, a kernel that works on both types of ROMs. There are two version to download: one with stock frequencies and voltages, and one capable of overclocking and undervolting. The latter is for more advanced users, who like to mess with their clock speeds (not really necessary on the Note, it’s plenty powerful).

If you want to try out this kernel, hit the source link. This comes with the usual disclaimer that we aren’t responsible for any damages and do this at your own risk. Like always, just read instructions carefully.

XDA-Developers: HydraCore | XDA Portal

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