Twitter For Android Updated, Adds New Pinch-To-Zoom, Header Images

Twitter is marching toward world domination in the Twitter app world with a brand new update and a host of new additions to the look and feel of profiles. The brand new feel of the official app includes new profiles and header photos, with the header photos only added inside the app itself. It’s an addition that nobody really needs, and likely doesn’t care about but Twitter insists on adding these images for some reason. We suppose that to help enhance the user experience of the Twitter app, a visual upgrade is both eye-candy as well an area Twitter was lagging behind some of the more popular third-party clients.

Of course, this update comes just as Twitter is beginning to squash third-party support and direct Twitter users to Twitter owned and operated apps, as well as One nice addition to the app though is pinch-to-zoom on photos, something that should be standard in all apps, I’m looking at you official Gmail app.

Have you downloaded the update? What’s your take?

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So what’s new?

Twitter for Android 3.4

  • New profiles with header photos
  • Photo streams on profiles and events
  • Pinch-to-zoom on photos
  • Search suggestions for people, topics and hashtags
  • Improved protected account management including the ability to accept or deny     follower requests
  • Other improvements, polish, and fixes

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