Updates Coming To Facebook For Android, Is It What We Want?

Facebook wants to be the center of your phone, and it’s pushing for it. However, after adding a ton of new icons to your app drawer, and people revolting, they’ve learned their lesson. They’re taking it slow. After updating the iOS app, they’re now focusing on Android. First change is that they are putting a Messenger button in the upper right hand corner of the news feed, hoping people will use it more. They’ve also redesigned the conversation view, to make it easier to use. Of course they would, they want you to rely on Facebook over texting or built in chat services like iMessage and Google Talk.

But there is a problem here: will the update include the complete redesign that makes it at all usable? The current state of the app is abysmal, and the iOS update fixed all that. Will the Android version get it soon, or will it just be updated with a few new extra features? We’ll find out Thursday, when the update will be released. Maybe, if it’s good enough, I’ll actually install it again.


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