Verizon Adding Amazon App Suite To New Android Smartphones

Bloatware may be one of our least favorite aspects in all of wireless, especially on newly released Android devices which is why it pains me to say that Verizon is moving full steam ahead with the introduction of a new suite of Amazon apps. While some carriers are taking the opposite approach and (thankfully) removing the number of pre-installed apps, Verizon is adding a suite of six Amazon oriented apps to all future Android smartphones beginning today, September 6th.

The Amazon app suite includes the Kindle, Shopping, MP3, IMDB, Audible, and Zappos shopping apps. Unfortunately, the Engadget tipster didn’t have any word on whether these apps can be uninstalled or disabled, but with the effort starting today, it shouldn’t be long until we find out.

One thing worth noting in this image is the “note” that Google experience devices and tablets are excluded from the preloaded Amazon suite of apps. Can we consider a bit of speculation on Verizon’s part that new Nexus devices are on their way to Big Red? Maybe, maybe not, and it’s pretty vague wording but it’s interesting nonetheless. As Engadget notes, this could also just be Verizon covering themselves against the future release of any Nexus device on their network launched without any bloatware.

Does the prospect of more bloatware on your Verizon Android device upset you?


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