Verizon Galaxy Nexus Receiving OTA Update To Address Lingering Signal Issues – Users Rejoice

It was reported a few weeks back, that a number of Verizon customers that have replacement Galaxy Nexus devices were experiencing significant signal issues. Unfortunately if you were one of these people to have this major issue, you were seeing you were unable to hold a 4G connection for more than a few minutes before it would drop.

Users of the Galaxy Nexus were becoming beyond frustrated with the experience. To make matters worse, owners of the handset went through a half a dozen replacement devices before finally receiving one that did not have this issue. It is believed that version I515.10 of the GNex is to blame.

However news from Best Buy provides a glimmer of hope. The retail giant is under the impression that a software update will rollout to these devices over the next couple of days. This update will address the problem as apparently Samsung has figured out the problem. Although this update is not Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – it is still nice to see that this problem is finally being paired with a solution.

For those purchasing a new Verizon Galaxy Nexus from Best Buy this weekend may want to bring this news up as details have emerged that many of the affected devices have an “Updated” sticker on the box.

Droid Life

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