Verizon Galaxy SIII Will Be Receiving Software Update “Soon” – Build I535VRALG7 Brings Improved Connectivity, Bug Fixes, And More

Verizon Wireless is not known for their quick and timely updates however owners of the Big Red’s Samsung Galaxy SIII have a glimmer of hope. Although its listed as “coming soon”, the update will be bringing a slew of features. Unfortunately, none of those features are relating to Jelly Bean, however VZW SIII owners will see a handful of key improvements pertaining to connectivity and miscellaneous bug fixes.

The software build, IMM76D.I535VRALG7, is a 30.7MB update, which brings improved stability and connectivity with Back Up Assistant, the ability to use Verizon Remote Diagnostics (allowing a Verizon Wireless rep to dial in and repair your device software), improved S Beam connectivity, an NFC (TecTile) bug fix, and a “No SIM” fix.

Verizon hasn’t provided a specific time frame for the update just yet, but owners anxious to keep their device’s software up to date should keep an eye out for an OTA prompt, and watch Verizon’s support page linked below. It is not known, if this update will remove universal search from Verizon’s SIII devices. Are any of you still utilizing Verizon’s updates to keep your SIII working correctly or have you opted for rooting your handset and taking matters into your own hands?

Verizon Wireless via Android Police

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