Verizon launches Mobile Security app for Android in partnership with McAfee

A new partnership by Verizon and mobile protection company McAfee aims to offer the Big Red’s customers extra piece of mind. The two companies are bringing an application tailored specifically for Verizon customers named the Mobile Security app. The application is also powered by Asurion aims to assist customers by protecting their devices from many “digital and physical threats,” giving Android (2.1 or later) users the ability to lock, set up alarms, wipe data and locate handsets remotely.

While such features and McAfee have been available for Android for somet ime now, Verizon is hoping this is an extra incentive to join their network. As it stands, Verizon’s splitting the Mobile Security utility into three different setups, including a free-of-charge Basic option, the Premium option for $2 per month and, for those who want to be extra careful, a Premium with Total Equipment Coverage that adds a $1 monthly charge to the current TEC fees.

Whether users deem their levels of paranoia high enough to need such a service is the true question, but for those that do – check out the source link below to check out the protection app.

Verizon Wireless, Google Play via The Verge

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