Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case Review, Love The Quality

If you missed my first impressions post for the Waterfield Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case you can view it here, and the video will be reposted below.  I have sold my i-BLASON case I reviewed earlier, and for the past several weeks been using the SFBags Smart case with my personal Nexus 7.  I’m the kind of person that absolutely prefers my phones naked.  However, I’m still on the fence about my tablet.  I’m new to the tablet scene, so I’m still feeling out my different options and where/how I like to use it.  After using the SFBags Smart Case for a couple of weeks I have some tidbits to share with you.  Additionally, I’ve learned some extra neato things about the case worth sharing.

First, did I mention the build quality of this Waterfield Designs case?  I’m sure you weren’t questioning it if you know the brand, but this case has been dropped, carried daily with books and laptops and whatever ends up in my backpack, chewed on by my one-year-old, and survived everyday use beautifully.  Oh, and it’s kept my Nexus 7 safe and protected also.  The case looks no different than the day I received it.  Here are some things that I previously failed to mention about the case:  I thought this was the situation, but wasn’t sure before, the brown leather sides are real leather.  In fact, the sides are Eco-friendly, US-tanned, distressed, brown leather.  Additionally, the case has rugged, highly water-resistant, cleanable, subtly textured, industrial, outer fabric.  Again, it holds up amazingly, it’s not discolored at all in the weeks of constant use I’ve given it.  It has an impact-resistant plastic insert on one side to protect Nexus 7 screen.  And lastly, I may have accidentally said the outside material was scratch resistant in the video, but it’s actually the liner. What we really want scratch free is our screens, and this 100% Ultrasuede scratch-free liner is the stuff to protect it.  Waterfield Designs boasts that the  Ultrasuede helps clean the Nexus 7 screen with every insertion and extraction, and it may to a point, but it’s nothing to get excited too about in my opinion.  There are definitely still finger prints on my device when I pull it out, but I could definitely see the case pulling off dust or whatever random stuff ends up on your screen, but it’s no spot free rinse.

Something else I demonstrated in the first impressions video is the fit.  The Smart Case is a snug fit, and I would absolutely, no doubt say it was specifically made for the Nexus 7.  A viewer asked on YouTube if the case would also work for their Acer Iconia A100 tablet and the answer is maybe.  I don’t have an Iconia A100 to try it out, but I did try my wife’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, and the tablet did fit, but it would press the power button and restarting the device.  So, what I’m trying to say is it’s a snug fit, and your Nexus 7 will feel nice and cozy inside.

Lastly, some other cool info is this case is TSA friendly and 100% Made in the USA (in San Francisco), hence SFBags.  The bag will run you $59 plus shipping and is available in 5 other colors than the green Smart Case if have here if the green doesn’t float your boat.  I haven’t mentioned the low-profile pocket in the front of the case yet.  I haven’t really found any everyday uses for it.  I haven’t used it since I packed it full of junk in my first-look video.  The one place I can really see myself using it would be traveling.  I think it would be handy to throw the wall charger and usb cable in there to keep everything together.  However, I haven’t been traveling much as of late, so it hasn’t been used, and my wall charger just sits there next to my nightstand.

So, how do I feel about it?  It’s an absolutely awesome sleeve style case.  Again, it made my first case feel like a piece of garbage.  The materials and quality of the case are great and will be long lasting.  However, I’m still on the lookout for quality a case with a kickstand.  Also, I have some little ones running around the house, and a three-year-old that loves playing Riptide GP on my Nexus 7, and every second with the tablet in his hands without a case is risky.  So to me, if you have the moneys burning in your wallet, and you prefer a naked tablet, look no further.  If you prefer some other features for your tablet case, this isn’t your case.  Check out the video below to see the Waterfield Designs Smart Case in action.  If you have any questions or comments, let me know by commenting below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

Grab the sleeve now from www.sfbags.com.

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