XDA Developer Mod Unlocks Nexus 7 720P Recording On Front Facing Camera

The Asus-made Google Nexus 7 is for some the defintive Android tablet on the market. The device was the first Android tablet to have Jelly Bean and has openly encouraged developers to hack into it’s open source code. Well some fun news has come out from the XDA community. Despite only having a 1.2-MP front facing camera, a new mod has found a method of unlocking 720P recording for the Nexus tablet. Although it wasn’t possible from out of the box, as it held a previous recording limit of 480P, users over at XDA Developers have dug a little deeper to unlock the shooter’s 720p recording potential.

If you apply this XDA Developers mod you can enable it by simply adding the video profile, which is missing, to media_profiles.xml. There are a couple of different methods of adding this feature so if you’re interested check out the source link below. However, please keep in mind however, that the camera on the front of the device is not high-end, so don’t expect stellar results; however, there is visible improvement compared to 480p videos.

XDA Developers

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