32GB Nexus 7 appears on Staples’ Advantage system for $250

We were all excited to see the long-awaited Nexus tablet land on store shelves, when it came in 8GB and 16GB flavors only, many of us were a little disappointed. What if we actually wanted to install apps or – heaven forbid – download movies on to the device? We’d be up smelly creek without a propelling device. Thankfully, speculation and evidence has been gathering pace pointing towards a 32GB option in the near future. Now, thanks to some eagle-eyes over at AndroidPolice, we know that Staples is expecting stock.

The retail giant’s business-only site, Advantage, has the Nexus 7 32GB device listed for less than $250 ($3 less than the 16GB tablet). The price point may seem odd, but rumors have been brewing that the 32GB could – in fact – replace the model with half its storage. Seems like an unusual move to me, but hey, I’m not complaining. If it turns out that the 32GB version does come in at less than the current 16GB, the only people upset will be those who purchased the 16GB one. As it stands, this is still just a rumor, so take it as such. We’ll keep you posted with more information as we spot it.

Via: AndroidPolice

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